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Our No.1 priority is to maximize our client’s returns.  Here is our scope of services each with a systematic approach to drive value by marketing through sports and entertainment.

A focus on Returns

Bird's Nest and its sponsorship platform

Audi &
Barcelona China Tour

Tsingtao Beer
Olympic Roadshow

Sinopec and Olympic Games

Lenovo and Olympic Games

We have a wealth of successful marketing and sponsorship experience in China ranging from corporate clients to rights holders and from local to international enterprises​.

We have been act as the ONLY sports marketing/sponsorship consultancy or project creator/management team for building numbers of iconic, result-driven projects for our clients.  Here are some of them:



FedEx & Badminton Team

Olympic Champions Roadshow

Xtep and Justin Gatlin

Wuling & Weightlifting Team

Midea & Swimming and Diving Team

Investment Development • 
Marketing and Sponsorship Planning • 
Rights Matrix & Valuation • 

Contracting & Servicing • 

Property Commercial Development

Strategic Sales Planning • 
Sales & BD Development 
Sales Process Management •

Negotiation & Contracting • 

Property Partnership

Strategic Partnership

• Project Planning
• Resources Integration (China & Int’l)
• Implementation Management
• Media / Promotion Management

​Event Management

• Research, Selection & Contracting
• Planning & Creative Brainstorming

• Implementation Management & Evaluation

​Sports Marketing Consultancy

Marketing Services

​Brand Communications

• Brand Essence/Positioning
• Brand Experience Approach

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